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CAPP Reports

Your program of study (CAPP) includes a list of your required courses. You will have online access to a permanent program of study through a tool called CAPP Compliances. This program can be utilized to update your program of study as you register or complete courses.

Please review your program of study (CAPP) each semester, prior to registering for classes. Contact your advisor for corrections and modifications to your program of study, if needed.

CAPP contains several sections: Applied Courses are those that are required by your program, and includes those that have been completed, are Scheduled and those that are To Be Taken. Non-Applied Courses-USABLE includes completed courses such as transfer courses that are not currently being applied to your program of study. These remain in the Non-Applied Courses-USABLE until they have been approved and moved to your Applied Courses by your advisor.

If you have not completed any courses and received a grade with MSU, you will not be able to use "Generate a New Evaluation". If you have a NetID and NetPassword, you can use "Generate a What-If Evaluation" to see a program of study.

Any student contemplating a change in programs, for example, from Undeclared to Psychology, or Communication to Interdisciplinary Studies, can also use the "Generate a What-If Evaluation" to see how any completed courses can be used to fulfill the requirements of another program.

You will need your MSU NetID and NetPassword to access CAPP.

  1. Log into myState
  2. After you log in, on the left side of the page, you will see the App & Services menu, next click “Banner” and once the menu appears on the right side of the screen, click "Student." Next, under the "Academic Records” tab, you will then click “CAPP Compliance.”
  3. Once you are in CAPP Compliances, you can click on one of the Previous Evaluations already complete or choose "Generate a New Evaluation" or “Generate a What-If Evaluation” from the Options and click “GO” to view your academic records and curriculum.