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8 Tips for Learning from Home

An online education student sits at a desk and uses a laptop to learn from home

  1. Establish a routine

    Creating a routine promotes efficiency and helps balance your work, school, and home lives. Consistency in your routine trains your brain to learn information in a particular pattern, enabling you to work in a faster, more effective manner.
  2. Have a designated study area

    Find a study area that helps you focus. Frequently utilize this study area, so your chosen place becomes a part of your study habits. Now every time you head there to study, you’re telling yourself that it’s time to focus and work hard.
  3. Set goals and time frames

    When you set goals, you rearrange your schedule to accomplish them. Take your studies one day at a time with the ultimate goal in mind: earning your degree. Use that primary goal of achieving an online degree to help you set smaller, more specific goals to complete each week, month, or semester.
  4. Eliminate distractions

    Having designated study time can help you focus on your assignments. Pick a specific time of day to turn off your cell phone and focus on the work to be done. Centering your attention on one thing at a time makes you feel more at ease when completing school tasks.
  5. Break down tasks

    It is often easier to take in small amounts of information over a short period than cramming everything in at the last minute. This proactive practice allows your mind to dwell on the material and then reset to absorb more details.
  6. Manage time carefully

    Set a schedule and stick to it. Structured environments enforce consistency and remind you to stay on top of deadlines. Make it simple to get ahead by structuring your time with a schedule.
  7. Take breaks

    After you spend a while in front of a computer screen, it is essential to take a moment to step away. Do something to relax and take your mind off your curriculum.
  8. Connect with others

    Staying connected to a strong, supportive community can go a long way in helping you throughout the learning process. Utilize online portals such as discussion boards, Microsoft Teams, Outlook email, and Facebook. Do not be afraid to reach out to your professors or classmates to get the most out of your online education!

With these tips, you can master online learning; now’s your chance to get started! Apply to Mississippi State Online today to start your online education journey.