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Community of Practice

Welcome to our Community of Practice forum, exclusively tailored for instructional faculty and staff at Mississippi State University who are passionate about engaging in online teaching.

At our Community of Practice gatherings, we foster an open and casual environment for exchanging ideas, sharing teaching experiences, and delving into the latest research in higher education and online teaching. Guided by certified instructional designers and experienced educators, these sessions provide a platform for constructive discussions on topics chosen by our valued participants.

Our diverse community comprises educators from every level of instructional experience, representing various colleges, and offering unique perspectives on online education at Mississippi State University. By being part of this inclusive academic community, you'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues, collaborate, and contribute to the growth and excellence of online education.

Pillars of the CDE Community of Practice:

  • Facilitate resource sharing and a free exchange of ideas.
  • Generate innovative and sustainable teaching practices.
  • Support diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility online.
  • Recognize a spectrum of online teaching experiences.
  • Promote student success.


Date Time Location
February 15 2:00 pm Old Main 2030
March 21 2:00 pm Old Main 2030

*To register for any of these sessions, please click the registration form button below:

Want to suggest a topic?

Community of Practice is an open-discussion forum where we discuss the things you want to know. Whether you have questions to ask, concerns to address, or ideas to share, we want to talk about it! Fill out our Topic Suggestion Form to give us insight into what’s on your mind when it comes to online teaching and learning.

From the Community

“[The Community of Practice] is a fun place to learn new things, bounce ideas off of colleagues, and make new connections. Teaching online can have different issues or constraints than face-to-face teaching, so connecting with others who are familiar with those things really helps improve my teaching.”

Athena Nagel

“Having an Online Community of Practice is helpful in learning which tools are available here at MSU and which online teaching techniques have been effective for other instructors. Why reinvent the wheel when others have already bought the car and kicked the tires?

Bob Swanson

“I like attending these sessions because everyone there has a different background and knowledge base. They have each done their own research, tried different techniques, and learned about what works for their class. The great part is everyone is willing to share and learn from each other.”

John Ezell

“Given the time constraints that everyone experiences in academia, I appreciate having a place I can go and quickly be exposed to a suite of ideas. Seeing how peers have specifically executed an online teaching methodology and learning about what they do helps me to get out of my engineering box and to think bigger than what direction I might regularly choose for my instructional methods.”

Reuben Burch