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Educational Tools

As faculty collaborate with our design staff to craft their online courses, MS State Online offers a diverse array of specialty educational tools that enhance engagement and seamlessly integrate into the course structure. These tools are designed to elevate the learning experience and capture students' attention effectively.

With our specialized tools, faculty can create interactive images, engaging choose-your-own-path scenarios, educational games, refresher lessons for prerequisite knowledge, visually captivating elements, and much more. These resources are at your disposal to make your course content engaging, interactive, and impactful.

Our design staff works closely with faculty, providing one-on-one or team-based consultations to determine the most suitable tool and use-case for specific ideas or requests. Faculty actively participate in content creation, while our experts handle the development process. The final product is skillfully transferred into a Mississippi State Canvas course, ensuring a seamless and enriched learning environment for students.

Unlock the potential of these innovative online tools and transform your course into an engaging and immersive educational experience. Partner with MS State Online, and let's elevate your online course design to new heights together.

Tools currently available for course usage include: Genially and H5P

Interested in incorporating an education tool into your course, simply fill out the contact form and our team will be in touch promptly.