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Distance Makes a Difference Scholarship Fund

Your Support Helps Make the Dream a Reality!

Mississippi State Online has created a scholarship fund specifically for our online students, entitled Distance Makes A Difference.

We’ve seen how hard it can be for our online students to balance work, family and financial responsibilities while pursuing their dream of obtaining a degree. For many students, financial awards to help offset costs are vital to their success.

How can you Be the Difference for our online students? Make a gift. Your gift, in any amount, can make a big impact in the lives of our students. Remember, 100% of your gift goes to scholarships!

🎁 Make a Gift

We appreciate your support of online education at Mississippi State University. Read more about our scholarship recipients and how your support has made a difference in their educational journey!

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Amber Brinson

Amber Brinson - Gulport, MS

“Online education has just made everything a lot easier for me. This scholarship has really helped my parents and me relax about paying for school. It has helped us out tremendously. I couldn’t have gone through this if it wasn’t for my family. Throughout my experience I have learned that you can always rely on God and your family for anything and everything.”

Picture of Xiomaria Grace

Xiomaria Grace - Minneapolis, MN

“I was in shock when I found out that I was awarded the scholarship. This semester I had a lot of questions about how I was going to pay for school. This scholarship has taken a pressure off me. Now I can focus more on succeeding in my academics--which is what I am here for.”

Picture of Melisa Kilpatrick

Melisa Kilpatrick - Conehatta, MS

“This scholarship has been like a weight lifted off my shoulders. All of the scholarships I have received were a sign to me that I was supposed to go back to college, and I am supposed to finish this degree. It has been a blessing.


2019 Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Tonawanda Keeton

Tonawanda Keeton

Picture of Lindsay Walker

Lindsay Walker

Picture of Chase Watkins

Chase Watkins


2018 Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Jinna Alston

Jinna Alston

Picture of Heather Hefner

Heather Hefner

Picture of Drew Simmons

Drew Simmons


2017 Scholarship Recipients

Picture of Bret Alexander

Bret Alexander

Picture of Erica McRae

Erica McRae

Picture of LaShae Pritchett

LaShae Pritchett