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Doctoral Degree

Elevate community colleges to the next level by preparing yourself for professional leadership positions.

Engineer your future with a personalized program that's targeted to scientists and engineers working in major national laboratories.

Engage in research and obtain cutting edge instruction in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Database Management, and more.

Prepare for leadership roles in the constantly changing activities of research, development, product design, consulting and education.

Heighten your knowledge in the areas of fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, controls, and autonomous systems, and apply those skills as a university faculty member or as a researcher in government or industry.

Participate in broad research interests in cutting-edge areas of chemical engineering science such as chemical catalysis and reaction engineering, Raman spectroscopy, and more.

Specialize in areas of construction engineering and management to achieve project goals.

Utilize theory and practice to be prepared for a wide range of careers in the emerging field of engineering education.

Acquire skills in the areas of sustainable and renewable energy systems, multi-scale modeling and thermodynamics for use in university, industry and laboratory settings.

Pursue in-depth study of human factors and ergonomics, industrial systems, management systems engineering, manufacturing systems and operations research for advanced roles in government entities and the private industry sector.

Build on your existing work and educational experience with an individualized degree program that can be tailored to your unique career goals.

The Horticulture doctoral program provides education and research opportunities with global impact on the fruit and vegetables, floral, and ornamentals industries.

The doctorate program in Weed Science offers students a diversity of problems for dissertation research in vegetation management in agricultural production systems, natural areas, and managed properties in residential and urban areas.

Work on exciting, important, groundbreaking research projects in areas of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Molecular Biology, Crop Modeling, Agronomy, Soil Science, Crop Physiology, and Turfgrass Science, with an online doctorate degree from Mississippi State University.