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The Writing Center

Students may access resources from the Writing Center tutoring program to help students develop writing and critical thinking skills. Tutoring is available online for MS State Online students.

Follow the steps below to schedule an appointment:

  1. Go to the WCONLINE 5 website.
  2. Click on "Register for an account" above the login box, and complete the registration process. (You may skip this step if you are a returning student.)
  3. Return to the main page and log in to the scheduler.
  4. After logging in, select the drop down menu beneath the heading "Current Schedule" and select "ONLY Distance Learners (MSU Writing Center Online)."
  5. Browse the available appointments, click on an available time slot (white block), fill out the required information, and select "Yes—Meet Online" beside the "Meet Online?" question.
  6. Click "Save Appointment" at the bottom of the screen.
  7. In order to start the online appointment, log in to the same schedule, and click on the orange block (your appointment time). Next, click on "Start or Join Online Consultation" at the appropriate time to begin your online writing center session.

Contact the MSU Writing Center at writingcenter@msstate.edu or 662-325-1045.