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Spring 2024 Online Course and Tool Showcase: Humanizing Online Learning

Presented by the Instructional Design Team at the Center for Distance Education

Perhaps the most common concern surrounding online courses is their potential to exclude the humanistic aspects of learning, which tend to reduce the long-term impact of a course. How can we foster connection and community when students and faculty are separated by screens? Be a part of the discussion and discover the answer at the Spring 2024 Online Course and Tool Showcase: Humanizing Online Learning.

Teacher talking to a fellow teacher

The Online Course and Tool Showcase is an event designed with questions and ideas MSU faculty have voiced about online teaching and learning at the forefront. The Spring 2024 Showcase will focus on faculty who have embraced humanizing their online courses through various methods and innovative tools. This event will also provide networking opportunities for all disciplines across campus. No registration required, but it is encouraged.

When: April 25th from 9 –11 AM and 2-4 PM

If you can’t attend onsite, please join our virtual Online Course and Tool Showcase. You can register to be added to this asynchronous Canvas course.