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The Center for Distance Education is tasked with the growth and maintenance of online programs at Mississippi State. One component of that maintenance is to be sure that MSU faculty are informed of quality standards and best practices in teaching online. The training sessions below are crafted by online course experts at the Center for faculty with a range of pedagogical questions to assist both beginning and veteran online faculty.

Upcoming Training Sessions

If there is a topic you wish to see that is not covered, please contact idhelp@online.msstate.edu to request a resource.

May 17 - August 4

Self Paced Courses

These 1-3 hours training courses are hosted asynchronously in Canvas. The course facilitators are available for support and additional training during normal MSU business hours.

Descriptions for each self-paced course can be found in the training catalog. To be added to a self-paced course, complete the registration form below. Registration is open throughout the duration of the course.

Courses can be completed concurrently and in any order:

  • Introduction to Canvas Studio
  • Course Accessibility
  • L.E.A.R.N.: A Strategy for Active Learning Online
  • Great Expectations: Crafting Effective Learning Outcomes
  • Crash Course to Gamification
  • Planning for Game-Based Learning

Registration will open on Friday, May 12th.

Fall 2023 Training and Event Schedule

Coming Soon