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Embracing the Virtual Frontier: Exploring the Motivations behind Pursuing a Master of Business Administration at MS State Online

Quadra Headshot

“I have already seen a benefit to continuing my education through MS State Online. One benefit is that my mind is more sharpened. Due to consistent studying, I have an increased ability to recall what I am learning and can apply it to my life and career. It is fascinating to understand certain terms and concepts in real-time and use the knowledge accordingly.”

Meet Quadra Wilson, a determined student who has chosen to earn her Master of Business Administration (MBA) through MS State Online. As an alumnus of Mississippi State University, Wilson earned her Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering with minors in mathematics and Spanish.

Paving the way for a new breed of ambitious professionals, MS State Online is embarking on a transformative journey with its new College of Continuing and Professional Studies. Wilson is a driven and forward-thinking student who has set her sights on attaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the comfort of her own home. Wilson’s favorite things about her journey at MS State Online thus far is the convenience and accessibility. Working full-time and recently being married in 2022, Wilson can view her course calendar while balancing classwork with family life and career. Breaking away from the conventional brick-and-mortar classroom model, Wilson's decision to pursue her MBA online reflects the changing dynamics of the academic world and the immense opportunities presented by virtual learning platforms. When asked about her experience at MS State Online so far, Wilson says, “I immediately felt welcomed by the advising committee and was able to create a schedule that worked for me without much hassle.”

For Wilson, the appeal of an online MBA lies in its flexibility and accessibility. MS State Online grants her the freedom to structure her learning around her schedule, eliminating the geographical constraints that might have otherwise hindered her pursuit of higher education. The online platform enables her to engage with professors and classmates from diverse backgrounds while fostering a unique learning community despite the physical distance that separates them.

Gone are the days when an MBA program required relocating or sacrificing a full-time job. The online platform has changed the accessibility of higher education, allowing professionals from multiple geographical locations to access educational resources at their own pace. MS State Online is doing just that. By choosing to embark on her MBA journey at MS State Online, Wilson has unlocked a realm of possibilities for all of her many ambitions. From the comfort of her home, she navigates virtual classrooms, engages in collaborative projects with classmates, and immerses herself in an enriching learning experience that extends beyond the Starkville city limits. When asked to give advice to anyone considering pursuing online education, Wilson says, “If you have the desire to further your education while continuing to pursue your career, online education is the way to go. It removes the limitations between simultaneously being in the workforce and attending school. Online education certainly requires much discipline, but with focus and determination, you can succeed.”