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Navigating Education and Service: Distance Makes a Difference Scholarship Winner - Jung Tai

Meet Jung Tai, a dedicated member of the United States Navy, a student in the online Master of Business Administration, or MBA, program at Mississippi State, and a passionate community volunteer. Tai’s unique journey is a testament to her commitment to personal growth and professional advancement. She aspires to "become an officer holding a management position and making decisions and strategies," and she shared her journey to MS State Online with warmth and enthusiasm.

Originally from Taiwan, Tai’s multicultural experiences have deepened her appreciation for the opportunities the U. S. has offered her. She's a passionate traveler who has explored Cuba, Italy, Thailand, China, and Japan, and she lived in Mexico for 11 years. Her love for understanding different cultures and lifestyles has enriched her life and broadened her perspective, eventually leading her to the state of Mississippi and her role in the U. S. Navy.

For Tai, online education has proven to be an invaluable option, given her role as a hospital corpsman and dental assistant.

"It was the best decision to have the flexibility to work at my own pace in a given amount of time," Tai said.

Pursuing her degree online allows Tai to develop subject-matter expertise while maintaining military readiness. Whether she is at sea, on a humanitarian mission, providing disaster relief, or stationed at a base like the Naval Air Station in Meridian, Mississippi, online learning allows Tai to pursue her academic aspirations while fulfilling her military duties.

Tai reflects on the valuable experiences she gained in her first semester as a student at MS State Online. Her courses in statistical analysis with Dr. Iva Ballard and leadership skills with Dr. Mel Fugate were enriched by her professors' dedication.

"Both are amazing professors who really care about their students. They have gone above and beyond to assist me with learning," Tai said.

In her short time as an MS State Online student, Tai has accomplished much, evident in her commitment to community involvement.

“Giving back to my community is important to me, as demonstrated in my volunteerism,” she said.

With over 1,000 volunteer hours from April 2021 through January 2023, Tai earned the 2023 Distance Student of the Year at Mississippi State and 2023 Military Citizen of the Year from the Navy League of Mississippi.

We are proud to recognize Tai as a recipient of the Distance Makes a Difference Scholarship, as we believe she exemplifies the values of service and lifelong learning that we are committed to at MS State Online.