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Educational Psychology

These courses are listed for information purposes only.
Please do not take classes without speaking with your advisor.

**Required to take EPY 3503 and at least one 4000-level course within emphasis area**

Required - EPY 3503 Principles of Educational Psychology
Three hours lecture. Application of psychological principles to the educational process; topics covered include learning, humanism, motivation, cognitive development, creativity, intelligence, exceptionality, classroom management, measurement, and evaluation.

EPY 3063 Psychology of Individual Differences and Exceptional Ability
Three hours lecture. Individual differences and exceptional ability in children/youth that deviate from norm in physical, mental, emotional, and social characteristics. Definitions, etiology, identification, learning strategies, application.

EPY 3143 Human Development and Learning Strategies in Education
(Prerequisites: PSY 1013 and admission to Teacher Education or consent of department head) Three hours lecture. A study of developmental perspectives perspectives of learning with emphasis on teaching.

EPY 3253 Evaluating Learning
(Prerequisite: Admission to teacher education) Three hours lecture. A study of instructional evaluation for the purpose of assessing individual pupil progress and general effectiveness of instruction.

EPY 3513 Writing in the Behavioral Sciences
(Prerequisite: EN 1103 and EN 1113; junior standing; EPY majors should also enroll concurrently in EPY 3503) Three hours lecture. An introduction to writing skills in the behavioral sciences.

EPY 3543 Psychology of Adolescence
Three hours lecture. Physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth processes from late childhood toward early adulthood; pubertal problems; mental hygiene of adolescence; family and peer relationships.

EPY 4033 Application of Learning Theories
(Prerequisite: EPY 3513 or permission of instructor) Three hours lecture. Critical review of literature on learning in applied settings.

EPY 4073 Personal and Motivational Factors in Education
Three hours lecture. Theories of personality development and motivation in education settings with special attention to culture and interpersonal relations.

EPY 4103 Behavior Analysis for Behavior Technicians
Three hours lecture. The basics of behavior analysis, focusing on measurement, assessment, skill acquisition, behavior reduction, documentation, and professional conduct as it pertains to behavior technicians.

EPY 4113 Principles of Behavior Analysis
Three hours lecture. The study of basic concepts and principles of behavior analysis. Although the school setting may be discussed, emphasis is on these topics as they are applied in a non-school setting. Cannot be used for special education certification.

EPY 4214 Educational and Psychological Statistics
Three hours lecture and three hours laboratory. A course in statistics for education and educational psychology majors. Analysis, description of and inference from various types of data.

EPY 4223 Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis
(Prerequisite: Permission of instructor) Three hours lecture. Practical application of concepts and principles related to educational and applied behavior analysis, implementation and analysis of intervention procedures.

EPY 4313 Measurement and Evaluation
Three hours lecture. Measurement and evaluation of learning activities and achievement of elementary school pupils and high school students; standardized tests; test construction; statistical techniques.

EPY 4443 Basics of Single Subject Design
Three hours lecture. An examination of single-subject research designs, their associated research methods including data, and use for intervention.

EPY 4493 Behavioral Assessment
Three hours lecture. Theory and practice of behavioral assessment will be emphasized; including identification of presenting concerns, selection of assessment techniques, and interpretation of data.

EPY 4513 Introduction to Research in Educational Psychology
(Prerequisites: EPY 4214 and 3503) Three hours lecture. An introduction to conducting educational research focusing on planning and designing research for applied education settings.

EPY 4553 Creativity/Innovation
(Pre-requisite: Junior or graduate standing or consent of the instructor) Three hours lecture. Introduction to creativity/innovation emphasizing uniqueness of creative individuals. Exploration of origins of creative/innovative behavior. Application of creativity/innovation enhancing techniques.

EPY 4603 Ethics, Supervision, and Personnel Management in Behavior Analysis
Three hours lecture. Foundations of practice, roles and functions, professional issues and standards with emphasis on legal and ethical means in behavior analysis.

EPY 4683 Advanced Issues in Educational Psychology
(Prerequisites: Jr. Standing, EPY 3503, and EPY 3513) Topics to cover contemporary issues in educational psychology, job and graduate school placement and practical experience and/or observation.

The semesters in which these courses are offered are subject to change.
The departments control when the courses will be available.