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General Business

These courses are listed for information purposes only.
Please do not take classes without speaking with your advisor.

BIS 3233 Management Information Systems
Three hours lecture. A survey of the components, functions, and processes of Information Systems as they relate to managing modern organization for increased efficiency and competitiveness.

MGT 3113 Principles of Management
(Prerequisites: Junior Standing) Three hours lecture. Management principles for all organizations including planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

MGT 3213 Organizational Communications
(Prerequisites: EN 1113 and junior standing) Three hours lecture. Application of communication principles through preparation of effective documents and presentations. Includes study and application of team communication, multicultural communication, technology usage, and ethical considerations. [This course satisfies the Jr./Sr. Writing requirement in this concentration area.]

MGT 3513 Introduction to Human Resource Management
(Prerequisite: Junior standing or consent of instructor) Three hours lecture. Development of efficient programs for managing human resources. Emphasizes equal employment opportunity, performance evaluation, selection, placement, education, training, safety and health.

MKT 3013 Principles of Marketing
(Prerequisite: Junior standing) Three hours lecture. A general survey of the functions, processes, institutions and costs in distribution of goods and services from producers to users.

Sample Syllabus

MKT 3323 International Logistics
(Prerequisite: Junior standing or higher) Three hours lecture. Understanding and applying logistics concepts in a global context. Includes analysis of logistics tradeoffs and integration with other business functions.

The semesters in which these courses are offered are subject to change.
The departments control when the courses will be available.