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Manufacturing Fundamentals

Upon completion of the Manufacturing Fundamentals emphasis area, students will have a basic understanding of the core skills and industry standards in order to enter the field of manufacturing. With classes focusing on these core fundamentals, students will learn about the environment, analysis, design, and implementation of these manufacturing standards. This curriculum is designed for students who want to prepare for entry-level employment in the manufacturing field, or students who are already in the field and are looking to add to their credentials.

These courses are listed for information purposes only.
Please do not take classes without speaking with your advisor.

15-Hour Emphasis Area

Required - INDT 3223 Industrial Materials
(Prerequisite: CH 1043 or higher) Three hours lecture. An investigation of the mechanical/characteristic properties of industrial materials including wood, polymers and composites. The influence of these properties on manufacturing and product service requirements.

Required - INDT 3363 Motion and Time Study
(Prerequisite: Junior Standing) Two hours lecture. Two hours laboratory. A study of the techniques for analysis of production systems, the design of work stations, and the development of time standards.

Required - INDT 3373 Forecasting and Cost Modeling
(Prerequisite: BQA/MA/ST 2113 & INDT 3363) Three hours lecture. Use of the higher functions of spreadsheet software to undertake costing of manufacturing process routes and to forecast changes in manufacturing scenarios.

Required - INDT 4224 Quality Assurance
(Prerequisites: INDT 3373 & Junior Standing) Four hours lecture. Concepts and procedures to design, plan, assure and audit quality and quality systems, with an introduction to Six Sigma and experimental design.

Required - INDT 4263 Manufacturing Technology and Processing
(Prerequisite: Junior standing) Three hours lecture. Discussion and appreciation of manufacturing processes with regard to material processing.

30-Hour Emphasis Area

Students must take the above five courses, plus choose five courses listed below.


Required – INDT 3044 Industrial Safety
Four hours lecture. Principles and procedures relating to appraisal, organization and administration of safety programs in industrial plants including implementation of occupational safety and health legislation.


Required – INDT 3063 Human Relations
Three hours lecture. The application of psychological principles to teacher-pupil relationships, employer-employee relationship, and other human relationships in business and industry.

INDT 3243 Industrial Metrology
(Prerequisite: Junior standing) Three hours lecture. Study of fundamental and advanced methods employed for measurement in industry.

INDT 4213 Energy Source and Power
(Prerequisite: PH 1023 or higher & Junior Standing) Three hours lecture. Scientific and applied approaches to energy conversion, transmission, utilization, and conservation. Internal-external combustion, nuclear, fluid, hydroelectric, solar, etc. Current energy programs; lab demonstrations; activities.

INDT 4233 Maintenance Management
(Prerequisite: Junior standing) Three hours lecture. Understanding of the concepts and practices of Total Productive Maintenance Management, to give a proactive production maintenance strategy for the future.

INDT 4373 Lean Six Sigma
(Prerequisite: INDT 4224) Three hours lecture. Discussion and applications of Six Sigma within the lean manufacturing environment, to increase quality and reduce costs, to make manufacturers more competitive.

INDT 4463 Manufacturing Technology & Processes II
(Prerequisite: INDT 4263) Three hours lecture. Discussion and appreciation of manufacturing processes with regard to material processing, including machining and automated and computer-aided manufacturing.

The semesters in which these courses are offered are subject to change.
The departments control when the courses will be available.