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Operations Management Engineering

The Operations Management Engineering BAS emphasis area is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills to design, assess, analyze, implement and improve all types of systems (manufacturing, service, entertainment, military, etc.). A core focus on statistical analysis methods coupled with practical systems engineering tools will allow students to further their goals in the area of management and systems engineering.

These courses are listed for information purposes only.
Please do not take classes without speaking with your advisor.

**Prerequisites include MA 1713 Calculus I, MA 1723 Calculus II, and IE 4613 Engineering Statistics**

IE 3123 Industrial Ergonomics
Three hours lecture. Analysis of work tasks; ergonomic design principles for manual work design, workplace design, and work environment design; work measurements; and design of wage payment plans.

IE 3913 Engineering Economy I
(Prerequisite: MA 1713) Three hours lecture. Principles of evaluating alternative engineering proposals. Economic measures of effectiveness, costs and cost estimates, basic comparative models, break even and replacement analysis.

IE 4333 Production Control Systems I
(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in IE 4613) Three hours lecture. Principles, analysis, and design of production and inventory planning and control. Demand for forecasting, aggregated planning, inventory management, production scheduling and control systems.

IE 4513 Engineering Administration
(Prerequisite: Junior or graduate standing in engineering) Three hours lecture. Study of problems confronting the engineering manager. Includes: Organization and communication theory, internal and external relationships and responsibilities, and designing and implementing managerial systems.

IE 4533 Project Management
(Prerequisites: Grade of C or better in IE 4613) Three hours lecture. Use of CPM, PERT, and GERT for planning, managing and controlling projects. Computer procedures for complex networks.

IE 4613 Engineering Statistics
(Prerequisite: MA 1723) Three hours lecture. Introduction to statistical analysis. Topics include: probability, probability distributions, data analysis, parameter estimation, statistical intervals, and statistical inferences.

IE 4653 Industrial Quality Control
(Prerequisite: IE 4613) Three hours lecture. The theory and application of statistical quality control; statistical process control; and statistical acceptance sampling.

IE 4753 Systems Engineering and Analysis
(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in IE 3913 and IE 4613) Three hours lecture. Systems concepts, methodologies, models and tools for analyzing, designing, and improving new and existing human-made systems.

IE 4773 Systems Simulation I
(Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in IE 4934 or equivalent programming course, Co-requisite: IE 4623) Three hours lecture. The principles of simulating stochastic systems with an emphasis on the statistics of simulation and the use of discrete-event simulation languages.

The semesters in which these courses are offered are subject to change.
The departments control when the courses will be available.