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Trades Supervision

The Trades Supervision BAS emphasis area will prepare students for advancement within the construction management field by teaching successful graduates a wide range of marketable skills. You will improve your knowledge of current industry practices in: design and construction technologies, estimating, contracts and specifications, project management, construction safety, quality assurance, and mechanical and electrical building systems.

These courses are listed for information purposes only.
Please do not take classes without speaking with your advisor.

BCS 3413 Graphic Construction Communication
Three hours lecture. Introduction to graphic communication used in the construction field and how to read construction documents.

BCS 3423 Materials and Methods
Three hours lecture. Introduction to construction materials and methods.

BCS 3433 Introduction to Estimating
(Prerequisites: BCS 3413, BCS 3423). Three hours lecture. Introduction to quantity take-offs, pricing, estimating, and cost management in the construction discipline.

BCS 3443 Construction Safety and Health
Three hours lecture. This course will present and discuss fundamental topics related to construction site safety including Introduction to OSHA, Personal Protective Equipment, Tools, Health Hazards in Construction, Construction Stairways and Ladders, Material Handling, Fall Protection, Cranes and Scaffolds, Excavation, Confined Space, and Fire Protection.

BCS 3453 Construction Technology
Three hours lecture. Use of a collection of innovative tools and software to improve the construction process throughout the lifespan of the project.

BCS 4413 Intro to Construction Scheduling
(Prerequisite: BCS 3433). Three hours lecture. In-depth study of project time management, construction management, plant and equipment management, logistics and operations management, and scheduling tools and methods.

BCS 4423 Building Utility Systems
(Prerequisite: BCS 3453). Three hours lecture. A detailed review of common utility systems in construction projects and examination of the design and construction processes of these systems along with their applicable standards and guidelines.

BCS 4433 Building Structural Systems
Three hours lecture. The evaluation of structures, the properties of materials and the structural behavior of load-resisting members as it relates to buildings.

BCS 4443 Project Management
(Prerequisite: BCS 3443). Three hours lecture. In-depth study of project management and its components, construction management, and various project management knowledge areas.

BCS 4453 Construction Legalities
Three hours lecture. An introduction to the parties, procedures, and legal aspects of a construction project and dispute.

The semesters in which these courses are offered are subject to change.
The departments control when the courses will be available.