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Animal and Dairy Sciences

These courses are listed for information purposes only.
Please do not take classes without speaking with your advisor.

ADS 3142 Meat Judging I
Four hours laboratory. To provide students with knowledge and skills in carcass grading, meat evaluation, and safe handling of meat. (Same as FNH 3142)

ADS 3313 Introduction to Meat Science
(Prerequisites: at least sophomore standing) Three hours lecture. To provide students with general principles of meat science and the muscle food industry (Same as FNH 3313).

ADS 3413 Companion Animal Nutrition
Three hours lecture. Discovery of fundamental principles of companion animal nutrition through applied learning.

ADS 4114 Animal Nutrition
(Prerequisites: CH 2503 and CH 2501 or CH 4513 and CH 4511) Four hours lecture. Nutrition of monogastric and ruminant species. Anatomy, physiology, digestion, and absorption pertaining to monogastric and ruminants. Description, functions, sources, deficiency symptoms.

ADS 4333 Equine Exercise Physiology
Three hours lecture. Evaluation of research in equine exercise science. Physical, physiologic, metabolic, behavioral and locomotive adaptations of the equine athlete to athletic training.

ADS 4420 Animal and Dairy Science Internship
(Prerequisite: Consent of instructor) Experience in production, management, or product promotion as it relates to the livestock, companion animal, or laboratory animal species under faculty supervision. Repeatable up to 6 total credit hours.

ADS 4511 Companion Animal Management Laboratory
(Prerequisite or Corequisite: ADS 4513/6513) Two hours laboratory. Management practices for companion animals. The selection, handling, and care techniques for various types of companion animals.

ADS 4513 Companion Animal Management
(Prerequisite: ADS 1113 and ADS 1121 or ADS 1114 and ADS 4114/6114, ADS 4124/6124 and ADS 4613/6613/PHY 6613) Three hours lecture. Focus on various aspects of companion animal management including breed selection, nutrition, reproduction, and marketing.

ADS 4553 Current Literature in Animal and Dairy Sciences
(Prerequisite: Junior, Senior or graduate standing) Three hours lecture. Evaluation of current research in animal and dairy sciences and its application to production and management.

ADS 4633 Immunology and Disease in Large Livestock Species
(Prerequisite: ADS/VS 3014) Three hours lecture. This course will cover common diseases in dairy cattle, beef cattle, and horses. Curriculum will include immunology, disease transfer, prevention methods, detection techniques, treatment options, and potential impacts on the animal, producer, and industry.

ADS 4713 Human-Animal Bond/Shelter Management
(Prerequisite: ADS 2313, ADS 3413, ADS 4513/6513, ADS 4511/6511) Three hours lecture. Overview of the social, physical and emotional benefits to humans through the human-animal bond with a closer look into the therapeutic roles of animals. Learn practical concepts for animal shelter management.

The semesters in which these courses are offered are subject to change.
The departments control when the courses will be available.