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The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration is designed to meet the increased demand for highly specialized and trained healthcare managers across the U.S.

Students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully navigate healthcare finance, healthcare law, and the specialized healthcare regulatory environment. Students will be prepared to manage smaller group practices, and to work in mid-level positions in larger organizations such as hospitals, long-term facilities, and health systems. The curriculum also serves as a foundation for success in graduate-level academic programs in health administration and health informatics.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition per credit hour $419.00
Instructional Support Fee per credit hour $25.00

Tuition and fees listed are subject to change and do not include all possible charges. Additional fees may apply. Please refer to the master class schedule for individual course charges.

By completing a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration online there is a chance to find:

Immediate Employment:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Private medical practices
  • Long-term care facilities

Pursue Advanced Training:

  • Health Administration
  • Health Informatics
  • Business School
  • Clinical Profession

Other Areas:

  • Pharmaceutical agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Federal and State health agencies

Degree Requirements

The following requirements must be met to earn a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration:

  • Must pass a minimum of 120 applicable hours.
    • 60 hours must be earned at an accredited four-year university.
    • 30 hours of upper-level (3000/4000) credits must be earned at MSU.
    • The final 30 hours must be earned at MSU.
    • Up to 60 hours transferred from an accredited community college may apply toward the degree.
  • Must meet GPA requirements:
    • 2.00 GPA on all MSU course work attempted.
    • 2.00 GPA on all course work attempted.

Transfer Credit

  • May apply up to 60 hours from an accredited community college.
  • May apply up to 90 hours from an accredited four-year university.
  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.50 (by beginning of junior year) required to declare major.
  • Upon admission to the university, the Registrar's Office will evaluate transfer credit to determine how it transfers to Mississippi State University.

Program Outline

30-32 General Education Required Hours
46 HCA Major Core Required Hours
23 Additional HCA Required Hours
19-21 Free Electives Required Hours
120 Total Required Hours to Graduate

Program Curriculum

General Education Core:

All students who enter MSU must meet the common core curriculum requirements as set by the Board of Trustees, Institutions of Higher Learning of the State of Mississippi to qualify for any bachelor's degree.

  • English Composition I & II (6 hours)
  • Fine Arts* (3 hours)
  • Humanities* (6 hours)
  • Social Sciences (6 hours)
    • Principles of Macroeconomics
    • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Mathematics (3 hours)
    • Calculus for Life Sciences & Business or Calculus I
  • Natural Sciences with Labs* (6-8 hours)

*See MSU Undergraduate Catalog for General Education courses options

Healthcare Administration Major Core:

Course Number Course Title Hours
HCA 3103 Health Information Systems 3
HCA 3113 Managing Healthcare Organizations 3
HCA 3123 Healthcare Economics 3
HCA 3133 Healthcare Logistics & Supply Chain 3
HCA 3203 Healthcare Marketing 3
HCA 3313 Intro to U.S. Healthcare System 3
HCA 3513 Human Resource Management in Healthcare 3
HCA 3813 Intro to Healthcare Law & Regulation 3
HCA 4013 Ethical Issues in Healthcare 3
HCA 4103 Quality Management & Process Improvement 3
HCA 4123 Intro to Health Informatics 3
HCA 4303 Financial Management for Healthcare 3
HCA 4404 Strategic Management for Healthcare 4
HCA 4443 Healthcare Internship 3
HCA 4803 Healthcare Policy 3

Additional Healthcare Administration Requirements:

Course Number Course Title Hours
ACC 2013 Principles of Financial Accounting 3
BQA 2113 Business Statistics I (or ST 2113 Intro to Statistics) 3
BQA 3123 Business Statistics II 3
CO 1003 Fundamental of Public Speaking (or CO 1013 Intro to Communication) 3
FIN 3123 Financial Management 3
MGT 3213 Organizational Communications (or EN 3313 Writing for the Workplace) 3
3000-4000 Upper Division Electives 5

Free Electives:

Course Number Course Title Hours
1000-4000 Free electives to reach 120 total hours 19-21

Transfer students wishing to major in healthcare administration must have achieved a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5 by the beginning of their junior year.

Admissions Process

New Admissions

If you have never attended Mississippi State University, please complete the online Undergraduate Admissions Application.

  • You will choose Healthcare Administration as your major and Online Education as your campus.
  • Request official ACT or SAT score be sent to MSU.
  • Request your high school send an official transcript to MSU. Faxed transcripts will not be accepted.
  • Submit a separate official final transcript from each college or university attended; faxed transcripts will not be accepted. An applicant may not ignore previous college attendance and must list all colleges attended on the application for admission. You must be in good standing at the last college or university you attended.
  • Transcripts and documents may be sent to
  • If you are unable to submit official transcripts and other documentation electronically, you may send them via U.S. Postal Service to:
      Office of Admissions & Scholarships
      P.O. Box 6334
      Mississippi State, MS 39762

Academic Advising

After gaining admission to the university, you must contact your assigned advisor to determine the courses most appropriate to take. Before the upcoming semester, your advisor will send an email to your MSU email account, making course recommendations based on your program of study.

Mississippi State University uses email as its official means of communication with all MSU students. Please check your MSU email account ( daily. Information on setting up your MSU email can be found at the link for student services.

Headshot of Candy Adams

Candy Adams

Academic Advisor

  • Meridian Campus

Program Reminders

  • If you want to deviate from the program of study recommended for you, check with your advisor
  • If you take courses not on your recommended program of study, there is a risk that the classes will not count toward your BAS degree


All programs of study are subject to review by the Registrar's Office for graduation, even from a signed program of study. Courses that do not articulate to a MSU course may or may not apply to your program as core courses. You can see these course articulations through Degree Works. Degree Works is your personal degree audit system and can be accessed by:

    1. Logging into your myState account

    2. Selecting Banner from the Apps & Services menu

    3. Selecting Student

    4. Selecting Degree Works under Academic Records

Contact Information

Headshot of Candy Adams

Candy Adams

Online Healthcare Administration Academic Advisor

  • Meridian Campus
Photo of Samantha Clardy

Samantha Clardy

Enrollment & Onboarding Coach

  • General Program Questions
  • Assistance with Admissions Process & Requirements
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Anusha Rijal

Retention & Engagement Coach

  • Current Student Inquires
  • Academic & Support Services Assistance