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Heather Williams

Photo of Heather Williams

Heather Williams is a mother of two, a surrogate for an international couple, wife, a full-time public health worker, and now a recent graduate from Mississippi State Online with a Master of Science degree in Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion with a concentration in Health Promotion.

“Going back to school while raising two rambunctious kids, becoming a surrogate mother, working full-time, and handling life had its challenges. But it has made me a stronger woman who believes she is capable of so much more. Continuing my education with Mississippi State Online has set an example for my children who now understand what hard work and dedication feels like.”

Williams says she feels a greater sense of appreciation and understanding of how fortunate she is to be able to go back to school and further her education.

“I couldn’t have done that without the support of my husband. As an online learner, I was excited to visit campus for the first-time during graduation week and take in all of the rich history. My decision to attend Mississippi State was heavily influenced by the school’s pride and traditions,” she said. “This unprecedented time has undoubtably created a stressful environment full of uncertainty. It has caused students everywhere to miss out on experiences they have longed for. If I have learned anything from my children, it is that people are resilient, and we will find a way. So, I may not have a grad photo standing in front of Lee Hall, but my living room did just fine and that diploma will be framed on the wall just the same.”

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Story by:

Lauren Benton