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Lidia Tejeda

Photo of Lidia Tejeda

Desiring a chance to advance in her career, Lidia Tejeda enrolled in the online Master of Science in General Biology (MSGB) at Mississippi State University. Completing the degree would allow her to teach dual enrollment courses to students at her school.

“Dual enrollment allows students to earn college credit while still in high school. With a Master’s in Biology, I will be eligible to bring this amazing opportunity to the students at my school,” Tejeda said.

As a first-generation college student, Tejeda understands the importance of education in the lives of her students and what it would mean to them to get a head start with their college credit.

Now completing her fifth year of teaching in Southern California, Tejeda is passionate about using her knowledge of science to engage her students and spark an interest in the subject. Her desire is to drive them to become critical thinkers that will make a positive impact in society.

Tejeda says she found the program to be completely applicable to her career allowing her to share content she learned with her students. “It seems that every lesson I teach I can add new and current information happening right now in science, such as in Biotechnology, Genetics, Ecology, and the list goes on. It truly is exciting to be able to share some of the knowledge that fascinated me during the program with my students,” Tejeda said. 

She also found that program was convenient to her busy schedule. Tejeda said, “I chose to apply to the MSGB program at MSU because, after much research, I felt it was the best fit for me since I am a full-time teacher. I knew I would be able to manage my schedule and have flexibility when needed.”

Not only did the program allow the full-time teacher the flexibility she needed to carry out her teaching duties; but Tejeda and her husband welcomed their first child while she was in the second half of the program. “The faculty were understanding and ensured I was still able to care for the needs of my growing family while completing my courses. Everyone was so supportive and caring,” Tejeda said. With her master’s degree now complete, Tejeda is focused on spending a little more time on the other loves in her life: her husband, Kelvin, and young son, Caleb, enjoying the outdoors, serving her church community and running with her dog, Buddy.

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Story by:

JoLee Clark